“Manned Camera is a unique and very special outfit, combining a passion for filmmaking with technical excellence. This is largely due to the collaboration and service offered by Kieron himself. I have been lucky to have him heading up the B unit on my last three features and his work has been stunning. He is a dedicated and talented individual, with an organised approach to any project big or small. It’s rare to find a filmmaker who is as passionate about the technical and logistical aspects of their role as they are about the creative side. This ability quickly makes him stand out as an invaluable member of any crew. I have observed how he shows both diligent leadership within his camera team while effectively liaising with more senior production figures. He is a calm, focused and mindful presence on set and liked by all. I can’t recommend Manned Camera enough for wet or dry hire.”

Laura Bellingham – Cinematographer

Manned Camera help demystify equipment rental by providing informed and transparent technical knowledge, a wide range of beautifully serviced equipment with a friendly, unbiased and efficient approach to problem solving that every production needs. Kieron’s technical ability, professionalism and etiquette is unbiased in the face of the sliding scale of production budgets. Straddling the intricacy, pressure and political milieu of filmmaking, Kieron applies the same precision to high end commercial work as he does to guerrilla doco filmmaking- with love and the upmost respect for the craft of visual art at the heart of Manned Camera’s entire operation. Like light, design and performance, Manned Camera are an essential tool for high quality filmmaking and an asset to any cinematographer, director, producer and production.

Jamie Korn – Director of Photography

“You couldn’t hope for a better partner than Manned Camera. Kieron Jansch and his team are approachable, professional, hard working and experienced. It’s simple to say that, once you have Manned Camera involved, you’re in very safe hands – not just in their breadth of kit or their technical know-how, but in a real willingness to get the job done well. It’s been our pleasure to come back and work with them, time and again.”

Matt Wilkinson – Producer, Stigma Films

“Kieron was an absolutely essential component in the making of my debut feature film ‘Amulet’. His artistry and sensitive command of the subject matter of the film and his knowledgable and collaborative response to the cinematic style were evident from day one. A huge amount of Kieron’s beautiful work can be seen in the film. It was a pleasure to work with him and I would highly recommend him as a skilled and responsive artistic collaborator, also an all round great guy to work with.”

Romola Garai – Director

“Working with Kieron & Manned Camera is always a pleasure. Every job is smoother with them on board. Kieron is an ultimate professional with extensive kit knowledge, there’s always a solution never a problem. We’ve worked in multiple countries and Manned Camera always manages to service the needs of the job even in the tightest of turnarounds. Great addition to any team!”

Sofia Sallons – Producer

“Manned Camera has been my goto wet hire facility for many years now. Kieron is not only a highly skilled AC/puller, but also a constant professional both on and off set, who makes sure his kit is regularly maintained and ready for changing scenarios. MC is my first port of call when I have a new production, not just for gear/crew, but as a great source of knowledge.”

Don McVey – Director of Photography

“I love working with Kieron because he takes away all the work and associated stresses of hiring camera kit. He will always try and accommodate budgets and will work tirelessly to get the best kit for the job. His understanding of camera kits, professional approach and can do attitude is a brilliant asset to have on any shoot.  I can say the above with confidence after working with him on the DC10 Terraces in Ibiza,  the Stella McCartney flagship store, many studios and in some ‘testing’ documentary situations.” 

Sophie MacCorquodale – Director

“Working with Kieron and especially Manned Camera, is like working with a well oiled and maintained machine. I can always rely and trust in him for the kit to be fully tested, prepped and there on set in a ready to shoot condition. I don’t think I know a 1st AC who is as precise with the kit, and indeed focus, as Kieron. I am always asking him for a 2nd opinion on my lighting, lenses and camera angles, as he is usually one of the most knowledgable people I know and love to have around on set.”

Simon Rowling – Director of Photography

“I have nothing but the best words for my interaction with Kieran @ Manned Camera. We came to him with a rather unique project and his top condition, bespoke and entirely fit for purpose equipment was perfect for the job. Kieron was very flexible with our arrangement and we were able to swap out kit with no problems. Kieron is one of the nicest people’s I’ve interacted with and did everything he could to make our jobs easier. Working with such generosity and professionalism truly does make the rest of the project go round! Manned Camera every time.”

Siona Davis – Producer

“I’ve worked with Kieron on a number of jobs and he’s always such a joy – always on point and going above and beyond to support others. Would recommend in a heartbeat!”

Nour Wazzi – Director

“Always a pleasure to have Kieron’s support on a job. He embodies the winning combination of being both very skilled, dedicated and professional as well being sympathetic and collaborative. It’s a bonus that he knows his kit like the back of his hand and the crew he brings are always of a very high caliber.”

Markus Ljungberg – Director of Photography
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