Our 1,200 sq ft premises in Brockley serve as not only our maintenance facility, but also the ideal base from which to begin a project.

We welcome all our peers and collaborators in the industry to use our testing space as part of their creative process when beginning a project: be that just coming to meet us to discuss the first steps in using our service, right through to testing our various lenses to inform creative choices, and on occasion, ultimately shooting pickups after principle photography has finished!

The space is separated in to two areas; one being dedicated to making sure that all of our equipment is always ready to perform as it should, the other being a flexible space that encompasses the ability to shoot lens tests, build and light (small) sets, and, coming soon, even the ability to screen films with our projector and 7.1 sound system.

Through our long established relationship with Emmy and Max of Emmyland we share not only our space, but together benefit from a much greater pool of experience and expertise. As a result our test and prep rooms are frequently the home of answers to questions we didn’t know we had! On moving in two years go, our goal was to create a shared creative environment, which could quickly become the hub from which we not only begin and end our projects, but more than that, evolve in to the space where we meet our friends and colleagues in the industry, to share ideas and aspirations.

Wall of Fame! Are you on there? If not, come and visit us for coffee and get your mugshot on the wall!

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